FlexiFlex XL RGB 4.0

This flexible LED mesh panel delivers graphics,
full-motion videos, and custom messaging
all packaged within a dynamic lighting system.

Programmable Cylinder Pendants

Elegantly illuminate your space with a cascading arrangement of programmable cylinder pendants.
The dynamic LED light source and frosted optical diffusers offer twinkling light distribution in all directions.

Programmable RGB 4" Globes

Looking to add a splash of color to your space? These modular pendants feature all weather,
omni-directional, DMX controlled RGB LED's with over 16-million color possibilities!

RigiFlex XL RGB 4.0

Rigid weather resistant LED Mesh System.
Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications

FlexiFlex Light Panel

Bring a touch of elegance to your FlexiFlex creation with our frosted acrylic panel.
It's the secret ingredient for a truly breathtaking, diffused aesthetic.


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Media and Video

From static lighting, text and imagery to dynamic video,
RGBLights displays offer new ways to transform any space.
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Luminous Surfaces

Elegantly illuminate surfaces with our modular, dynamic, and low-profile luminaires. Easily transform ceilings, walls and entryways with these brilliant planes of light.
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Breathe new life into interiors or add a splash of color to turn dark rooms into spectacular spaces.
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Warm to cool, RGBW color or white light, our LED luminaires inspire engagement with eye-catching, high-impact flood lighting.
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Wash and Graze

Whether you are looking to highlight textures and create shadows or enhance the smoothness and brighten up a space, RGBLights Wash and Graze Series has got you covered.
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Complete any landscape, architectural installation or stage performance with dramatic highlights created by the narrow focus of our color-changing LED spot lots.
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RGBLights offers a full range of user-friendly controller options for utilization on everything from simple lighting installations to complex large-scale video displays. Work with our team of trained professionals to seamlessly address your control needs!
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Power Supplies

RGBLights versatile power supplies are specialized to reliably support the wide range of lighting applications.
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Make all your architectural lighting dreams a reality with RGBLights modular lighting systems.

Services and Support

Our solutions for service and maintenance of lighting systems.

Programming & Integration

Our engineers are well-versed in both lighting control hardware and software, and are here to ensure that your system integration is seamless.

Irvine Spectrum Giant Wheel

Installation Oversight

Have our experts on-site on the day of your installation to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process for completing your lighting feature!

Updates and Reprogramming

We’re here to conduct regular inspections, as well as provide programming and software updates to ensure that your lighting system is running at its best for years to come.

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