United Therapeutics

Silver Spring, Maryland

United Therapeutics, a pioneering biotechnology company, embarked on a mission to infuse their corporate headquarters’ pedestrian footbridge with a touch of personalization. Collaborating with Ewing Cole Design, they devised an ingenious plan to incorporate the iconic double helix DNA strand into the bridge’s glass sides. To bring this vision to life, RGB Lights expertly crafted customized 100mm RigiFleXL panels, seamlessly integrating the illusion of DNA spanning the length of the bridge. Adding to the magic, the DNA structure will dynamically change colors, thanks to the masterful programming by RGB Lights. This intricately detailed design has transformed the footbridge into a truly remarkable and unmistakably branded space, perfectly exemplifying the limitless creative possibilities that the FlexiFlex family of products offers!


EwingCole Design, Truland Service Corp., Penn Lighting


RigiFlex XL RGB 4.0

Control Method

Light System Manager


Custom Fabrication, Programming, System Integration, Installation