Tegan and Sara Tour

National Tour

Renowned tour lighting designer, Morgan Leek, approached RGB Lights with a captivating concept for a visually stunning backdrop using the incredible FlexiFlex technology. The challenge was to create a system that was not only highly mobile but also lightweight and modular, adaptable to a wide range of venues including nightclubs and large theaters. RGB Lights rose to the occasion, engineering Leek’s visionary concept into reality with the creation of the extraordinary Lucy backdrop.

The Lucy backdrop is an ingeniously designed, mobile panel drop that combines the versatility of FlexiFleXL, RigiFlex, and RigiFleXL. This modular masterpiece can seamlessly fit into any space, captivating audiences with its dynamic visual impact. To ensure optimum portability, the backdrop was meticulously integrated into a Textilene fabric, chosen for its low profile and lightweight attributes, allowing for a gentle and ethereal blow-through effect.


Morgan Leek and Paul McManus


FlexiFlex RGB 2.0, FlexiFlex XL RGB, RigiFlex RGB, RigiFlex XL RGB

Control Method

Mbox Studio – Media Server/Control


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