Seaport Square

Boston, MA

​In an effort to revitalize the South Boston waterfront, a 7.6 million square foot development project began in late 2007.  The main channel of development, located along Seaport Boulevard, included Boston’s old Courthouse Square between Seaport Boulevard and Northern Ave.  During the revitalization, Courthouse Square was re-branded as One Seaport Square.  Working alongside California based firms Forman & Associates and KGM Architectural Lighting Design, RGB Lights was commissioned in realizing a design initially conceptualized by Reed Hilderbrand, a landscape architecture firm located in Boston.

The system consists of over 50 custom stainless-steel spheres built as three different sizes –small, medium, and large– which are fastened to an array of crisscrossing steel cables over the square.  Each sphere is fitted with up to 20 individually addressable LED nodes.  As a result, no two spheres are the same.  In addition to the spheres, long linear runs of direct view LED and custom downlight pendants provide additional lighting for the square.


Reed Hildebrand, Forman & Associates, KGM Architectural Lighting, John Moriarty & Associates, WS Development


FlexiFlex XL White Custom, Hevi Lite Pendants (custom)

Control Method

Light System Engine


Fabrication, Installation Supervision, System Integration