Macy’s Christmas Tree

Chicago, Illinois

Indulging in a delightful holiday meal at Macy’s Walnut Room has become a cherished tradition, partly due to the awe-inspiring Christmas Tree display. Towering at nearly 2 stories tall, the main tree stands surrounded by a cluster of charming smaller trees. Driven by a desire to create an even more captivating experience, Macy’s sought to go beyond mere nostalgia.

To infuse their traditional display with newfound engagement, Macy’s turned to Frost Lighting and our products here at RGBLights. Alongside the store’s customary ornaments and lights, Frost Lighting seamlessly integrated our FlexiFlex strips into the tree. This ingenious addition enabled Macy’s to curate themed experiences, showcase dynamic content, and imbue the tree with a captivating array of colors.


Frost Lighting

FlexiFlex 100mm

FlexiFlex XL RGB 4.0 Strands 

Control Method

Light System Manager


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