Hy-Vee Ramp at Arrowhead Stadium

Kansas City, Missouri – Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium

Hy-Vee set out to establish a distinctive branded performance area within Arrowhead Stadium, the revered home of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. To realize this vision, RGB Lights expertly crafted custom 71mm panels of FlexiFlex and suspended them from a centralized support structure. Spanning the full height of the ramp, these FlexiFlex panels formed a series of gracefully curved vertical columns, providing an exquisite canvas for Hy-Vee to showcase their brand graphics and captivating video content.

Thanks to the seamless integration of FlexiFlex technology, Hy-Vee gained unparalleled flexibility in managing their visual displays. With a user-friendly iPad interface, they can effortlessly update and modify the content at their convenience. This streamlined process ensures that their messaging remains dynamic and resonates with the ever-evolving needs of their audience.

By leveraging the capabilities of FlexiFlex, Hy-Vee successfully transformed Arrowhead Stadium into an immersive and branded performance space.


Dimensional Innovations, Populous


FlexiFlex RGB 3.0 Custom Panels

Control Method

Video System Manager Pro Composite with Pharos AVC and iPad interface


Custom Fabrication, System Integration, Installation, Maintenance and Support