Dave Matthews Band

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Filament Productions, known for their innovative designs and long-standing relationship with the Dave Matthews Band, approached RGB Lights when they needed an easy to install, tour-friendly, high-resolution, LED video solution to place on a 20-foot truss as part of their stage design for the upcoming Dave Matthews Band tour. Filament Productions also needed the LED product to smoothly wrap around the truss. The high-resolution FlexiFlex, a mesh-like LED grid, was chosen above other LED products that wrap at jagged angles which result in a low-resolution image.

To make FlexiFlex an even more effective solution for the tour, RGB Lights created a set of custom carts to house the FlexiFlex panels. These carts segmented the panels and hung them with carabiners in order to economize the packing of the truck and allow for minimal team members to unload and assemble the panels. If needed, one team member could unload and hang the entire FlexiFlex solution within a matter of hours without any physical strain. The result was a design that was as tour-friendly for the crew as it was inspiring for the audience.


Filament Productions


FlexiFlex XL RGB 1.5, FlexiFlex RGB 2.0

Control Method

Video System Manager Pro


Custom Fabrication