Manchester, Tennessee

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival wanted to add video elements to two of their festival attractions: the Arch and the Clocktower. Each presented unique challenges. The Clocktower needed a video surface that would allow audio to pass through it, and the Arch needed a curved surface that was light enough to attach beneath it. FlexiFlex 100mm was chosen for both projects. The unique grid construction of FlexiFlex makes it both lightweight and allows air and sound to easily pass through it. Visitors to the Clocktower were treated to an 80-foot tall video and music display, while people who passed under the Arch were greeted by an amazing visual performance.


PRG Scenic – New Windsor


FlexiFlex RGB 4.0 & FlexiFlex Light Panel

Control Method

Video System Manager Pro DVI & Hippocritter; Pharos AVC


Custom Fabrication, Production, System Integration, Installation, Maintenance and Support