Sundance Square Plaza

Sundance Square Plaza, Fort Worth, Texas

Since its grand opening on November 1st, 2013, this expansive 55,000 square foot outdoor plaza has swiftly emerged as a captivating focal point for the vibrant downtown of Fort Worth. Offering a plethora of attractions for visitors to relish throughout the day, it has quickly become a cherished destination. RGB Lights played a pivotal role in enhancing the ambiance by adorning the surrounding buildings with the mesmerizing glow of iColor Flex MX. These dynamic color-changing LED lights harmonize seamlessly with the Sundance Square Umbrellas and the enchanting Wave Wall Fountain. Be it during the festive holiday season, a momentous special event, or an evening filled with the joyful buzz of people exploring downtown, these captivating LED lights create an atmosphere that etches itself into the memories of all who experience it.




FlexiFlex, iColor Flex MX

Control Method

Light System Manager


Custom Fabrication, System Integration, Installation